SaltyBid is a 2D fighting game being developed using the Unity Engine. It combines traditional fighting game mechanics with a wager system that allows players to spend resources to gain new effects. Using a rich system of events, many complex behaviours can be implemented through simple mechanics. Working on this game has allowed me practice skills required for larger software projects including software design and documentation.

Advent of Code 2018

Advent of Code is an annual event that provides daily challenges of increasing difficulty throughout the month of December. I used Advent of Code 2018 as an opportunity to learn F# and practice solving problems in a functional paradigm.


BrainDump is an ASP.NET Core web backend designed to allow users to store and share text posts. JSON Web Tokens are used to provide authentication and authorization, while providing compatibility with OAuth2. This project was primarily in exercise in web technologies, and proved to be a valuable learning experience.


Clipboard++ is a Windows desktop application that provides an enhanced clipboard. By storing a history of clipboard entries, users can maintain multiple items in the clipboard. These items can be switched between with ease using either the WPF GUI or built-in keyboard shortcuts. Working on this project furthered my understanding of OS concepts and basic software development.